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NetManager: Reliability


There is no point in having a server at the centre of your network if it is unreliable or difficult to use. NetManagers have been used throughout the UK since 1996 and handle many tens of thousands of users daily.


We are justifiably proud of the support we can provide to NetManager owners. By using open standards, rather than proprietary software, security, interoperability and support are all improved. Software developed in-house has been developed in response to customer feedback. There are frequent upgrades (known as hotfixes) containing new features as well as improvements and bug-fixes. These can be automatically installed.

Remote support

The NetManager can be remotely supported by the support team at Precedence. We can use virtually any Internet connection to connect into your server securely. This means we can fix problems extremely quickly (in some cases, before you even know they exist!).


Management of the NetManager can be done through any web browser or by using the in-built menu-driven step-by-step configuration tools. This allows simple, quick configuration from anywhere. Even the most complex management tasks can be performed remotely, meaning that the NetManager can be locked away securely (remember, your network is only as secure as the physical security of your servers). This, of course, also means that problems can be fixed remotely.

Management tasks may be delegated to other users without you having to give out administrative passwords. For instance, you may make it so that staff members can switch Internet access on and off, but cannot perform any other tasks.

Solid Foundations

The NetManager is based on NetBSD which is a direct descendent of the original Unix dating back to 1969 (unlike newer clones such as Linux). Many things (such as TCP/IP) were developed first in BSD Unix and NetBSD has been the holder of the Internet2 Land Speed World Record for data throughput over a large distance (124.935 Pbmps or 4.3 Gbps over a distance of 28983km - compare that to your 1Gbps network card over your LAN...). While not as fashionable as Linux, NetBSD's goals mean that it is extremely stable and well-designed.

The NetManager also uses other industry-standard software such as Apache web-server (used on over twice as many web-servers as all other programs combined) and Squid web-proxy (used by large LEAs and ISPs). This means compatibility and support are second to none.

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