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Testimonial: Outside In (Cambridge) Ltd

Steve Hayes, Managing Director of Outside In comments, "We had a basic online shop, but it was a pain for our customers to use, and it really didn't do all the things we and our customers needed. Since we started using the Precedence shopping cart:
  • Customers compliment us on how it works
  • Changes have become a breeze
  • Entering an online order into our inhouse system takes seconds as Precedence developed custom extensions to integrate the two systems
  • Online sales have increased 80% year-on-year
  • We've easily built it into a further 2 sites.
Traffic to our websites and sales from them have increased to such an extent that we now have our own managed server from Precedence."
There are a number of components required for effective on-line shopping. We can supply and advise on all of these.

Product browser

First and foremost, the visitors to your site need to be able to view your products. They should be able to easily locate suitable items and get any information they require such as specification, photographs, etc. The list of products may change daily, so you need to be able to easily update them without any specialist tools or knowledge. Precedence Technologies have developed a powerful and highly-configurable product browser which is currently being used for a range of different products and business types.

If you only want to accept orders by 'phone, fax or in person, then a product browser is sufficient (for example, if you sell one-off items such as cars). However, if you want people to be able to shop on-line, you will need a shopping cart.

Shopping cart

A shopping cart allows visitors to pick a number of items from your list of products and add them to an electronic cart. They will be able to add and remove items until they are completely satisfied. They should also be able to easily see how much the carriage will be on those items using their chosen delivery method.

At Precedence Technologies, we have a powerful shopping cart which supports international deliveries, shipping calculation by a variety of methods (e.g. weight, size, fixed costs) as well being highly configurable for individual needs (e.g. if you sell a range of VAT-exempt items).

Checkout and payment

After the user has completed their list of items, they need to be able to place their order and pay for it. The Precedence Technologies shopping system supports a number of different methods:
  1. Paper/fax order
    Some Internet users are unwilling or unable to give a credit/debit card number. For these users, a printable order can be generated which could be posted or faxed.
  2. Secure emailed order
    If you already have payment brokering facilities and wish to manually process each order, our shopcart system can take the customer's card details and validate them. N.B. This will check expiry dates, issue numbers and will generally catch mistyped numbers. It will NOT check whether the card number is a valid account with available funds as it is not a credit-checking service.

    Once the customer has successfully entered a suitable card, the order and card detail will be PGP or GPG encrypted and emailed. This means that the order cannot be intercepted and read.

    Of course, we provide secure web-site hosting with our Advanced web hosting and we can supply SSL certificates.

  3. WorldPay real-time payment brokering
    As a WorldPay partner, we can offer a fully-integrated payment system for your shopcart. Customers will have their credit card details processed by WorldPay instantly and so the order can be immediately shipped.

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