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Build scripts

Build scripts take settings from the central Configuration File and build up specific configuration settings for each program and service. Examples include setting a default domain name in email will require reconfiguring the mail service.

In general, you should not need to touch the build scripts at all as they are run automatically. Each build script specifies which configuration options it is interested in and it will only be run if one of those options changes. So, for example, altering the default email domain name will not do any reconfiguration of the web proxy. Also, the build scripts will always be run in the correct order.

To make all unactioned changes live (e.g. if you have hand-edited the configuration file), run the build_server command at the Command Line. To force all build scripts to be run and thus all services to be cleanly configured, specify the -f flag, i.e. build_server -f. N.B. This will cause all relevant databases to be rebuilt so you may, for instance, lose any dynamically registered machine names in DNS.

Manual running

You can manually run build scripts yourself if you suspect that a configuration has not been made live for some reason, but this will generally be unnecessary. The scripts live in /usr/libexec/build and are named after the service they configure. So to run the Apache build scripts you would run /usr/libexec/build/apache from the Command Line.

List of scripts

The following list includes scripts provides by optional modules, so may not be present on your server:

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