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Setting up Outlook 2010 to look up email addresses in Active Directory with LDAP

  1. Open Outlook and click on the File menu. Click on Account Settings and then the Account Settings pop up:
  2. Pick the Address Books tab and click on New...:
  3. Keep Internet Directory Service (LDAP) selected and click Next >
  4. Enter the name of your domain controller in the Server Name: box. Tick the This server requires me to log on and Require Secure Password Authentication (SPA) boxes. Leave the User Name: and Password: boxes empty:
  5. Click on More Settings .... You will see a window warning you that will need to restart Outlook. Click OK on this:
  6. In the Microsoft LDAP Directory window, enter a nice name in the Display Name field (it will default to the domain controller you entered earlier):
  7. Click on the Search tab and tick the Enable Browsing (requires server support) box. Click OK:
  8. Back on the Add New Account window, click Next > and you will see the final window. Click Finish:
  9. Close Outlook and restart it. Click on the Address Book button:
  10. In the Address Book: Contacts window, choose Options... on the Tools menu:
  11. Pick Active Directory (or whatever name you called the account in step 6) from the drop-down menu:
  12. Close the Address Book window and re-open it. Test the search facility by entering part of a name and clicking Go:
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