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Interactive Flat Panels (IFP)

Using an Interactive display in your classroom helps teachers teach and learners learn. Your lesson is transformed by being shown on high-quality, high-definition (HD) screens. Many classrooms and lecture theatres have interactive whiteboards and projectors, but with these new HD touchscreens lessons are brought to life in a new and innovative way. The HD screens can also be a lot more cost-effective with a lower total cost of ownership because of reduced energy use and no need for replacement bulbs!

As soon as the screen is installed and switched on, you are ready to go. The integrated units have no moving parts or consumables to replace. Simply turn on and your new HD experience begins!

Why use screens?

  • Up to a 5-year on-site warranty
  • No replacement bulb costs
  • Easy installation
  • Up to 90-inch screen

Range of Interactive Screens

Offering Choice and Flexibility

  • Full HD resolution for outstanding image clarity which increases student engagement and can reduce eye strain
  • The attention of students is captured by the brilliant visuals on the long-lasting LED display
  • Up to eight students can work together simultaneously - depending on brand and model number
  • Strengthened glass provides a low-friction and natural touch experience - as well as a protective barrier in the classroom
  • Equipped with the software of your choice - Smart Notebook - ActivStudio - to name just two
  • The surface has little to no glare ensuring every student, no matter where they are seated, can see the display clearly

Precedence Technologies can offer additional services such as Training and Installation, including both stand and wall mounting options.

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Vivid logo
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Clever Touch
Smart 6065

SMART 6065 65" Flat Panel


VividTouch 55" Flat Panel

BenQ RP551

BenQ RP551+ 55" Flat Panel

CTouch 55

CTOUCH Leddura 55" Flat Panel

Smart E70

SMART E70 70" Flat Panel


VividTouch 65" Flat Panel

BenQ RP651

BenQ RP651+ 65" Flat Panel

CTouch 65

CTOUCH Leddura 65" Flat Panel


Please see above for exact specifications and full features on the range of interactive flat panels. Here is a quick summary:

Screen SizesOrientationBacklightAspect RatioResolutionBrightnessSpeakersTouchWarranty
VIVIDtouch45 to 65 inchLandscape and PortraitLED16:91920 x 10803502 x 10W6-point5-Year On-site
BenQ55 to 65 inchLandscape and PortraitLED16:91920 x 10803602 x 12W6-point3-Year On-site
CTouch55 to 84 inchLandscape and PortraitLED16:91920 x 10804002 x 20W4 or 10-point3-Year On-site

Customer comments: Cheam School

Paul Billinger comments:

"We needed to look into replacing our old stock of Interactive WhiteBoards, several were no longer supported by SMART and had broken connectors. We wanted to be flexible as to what the flat panels will do as some teachers embrace the interactive side for delivering lessons while some use the screens for students to do collaborative projects within lessons.

We are very happy because:

  • Precedence took the time to understand our needs
  • The price was better than expected
  • Delivery was quick
  • We had options for mounts, training, software and installation

We are looking forward to expanding our use of these screens as other IWB come up for renewal."

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