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Remote Access: Educational Benefits

By working with Precedence Technologies, your school will benefit from:

1: File access via any web browser using NetManager FileSurfer, enabling you to:

  • Avoid per-user or per-device licensing; once you've bought it, you own it with unlimited users
  • Access it via any browser, on any device running any operating system. No restrictions on compatibility (mobile users may have a different experience)
  • Easily configure it using existing rules and access control avoiding you having to re-invent processes or duplicate efforts. Users will be able to access their files with the same rules and restrictions as if they were in school
  • Embed links to resources into your hosted or local VLE. Save teachers time and effort uploading resources to a VLE when you can simply link to your shared areas. This will not only save time and effort, but also save you money if you are running a hosted service.
  • Permit access to all age ranges due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. NetManager FileSurfer is in use at sites with students ranging from the Reception year right through to University level.

2: Access to applications, including your MIS, using Citrix XenApp, enabling you to:

  • Access the full desktop as if you were sitting on your school network.
  • Have read and write access to MIS for teachers, no restrictions to its use and automatic time out to protect data.
  • Print to the network printers (if authorised) so your print-out is ready for you in the morning.
  • Access all applications that are a part of your standard desktop configuration without the need to install anything on your local machine at home.
  • Be assured that work you do at home is secure and backed up, regardless of the condition of your home machine.
  • Be certain that confidential or sensitive information is not leaving your site.

3: Follow-Me anywhere desktop using Citrix XenDesktop, enabling you to:

  • Have your own desktop that is accessible from any device at any time. Whenever you are ready to work, your desktop is waiting
  • Share operating systems on your laptops with XenClient; having your managed school desktop together with your home desktop on one machine. You can configure your home Internet collection and install demonstration titles without impacting on your school desktop or needing to involve the Technical Team
  • Create administration desktops allowing students to learn technical aspects without compromising your network. This can even be done from a student's home. In addition, you can make snapshots to get the student at various stages for Assessment for Learning and it can all be easily reset if an error occurs or once the student has finished the project.

4: Allowing Technicians access to your servers from outside of school, enabling you to:

  • Access the servers for maintenance without disrupting the school's daily ICT activities.
  • Check that any updates and/or installations over the weekend have gone ahead as planned before arriving at school, avoiding last minute panics.
  • View the server boot screen on start-up in the event of a hardware issue.
  • Work from home in the event that a technician is unable to get into the school (e.g. weather/travel problems).
  • Connect a troubled client using the Adder KVM allowing the Precedence Support Team access to a particular device.
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