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ThinIT™ - Lose the wait

Don't bin it
Don't bin your old computers
With Precedence ThinIT™, you can convert virtually any old PCs to centrally managed thin-clients. The PCs do not need any operating system (which can save money if purchasing refurbished machines) as ThinIT™ will replace software on the hard disc. Installation only takes a few minutes and doesn't even require a CDROM drive (you can install over a network). A ThinIT™ PC doesn't require shutting down; just switch it off when you have finished. All settings are stored centrally, so no configuration is required on each client. When used in conjunction with a Precedence NetManager, the clients can be controlled through any web-browser. If a hard drive fails or a client stops working, reinstallation is extremely quick meaning you can be up and running with the minimum of downtime.

ThinIT™ costs only £35 per machine.

Minimum specifications are:

  • 486 processor or above (66MHz or greater)
  • 64MB RAM
  • 64MB hard disk space
  • Ethernet
  • SVGA video card

Feature list

= Optional
= Included
PlannedIn developmentTo be releasedReleasedVersion
Citrix HDX (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to v7.15 LTSR and later)2.00
Citrix Program Neighborhood (PNAgent)2.10
Citrix StoreFront)2.10
Citrix SSL support (NetScaler Gateway, etc.)2.10
Microsoft RDP (2003-2016 compatible)2.00
VNC client2.02
X11 tunnelled over ssh2.02
Integrated Opera™ Web-browser2.03
Flash plugin2.04
Video streaming client2.02
Local DVD playback2.02
Local CD playback
Video conferencing2.02
Audio conferencing2.02
Whiteboard conferencing2.02
Text conferencing
Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
VPN client
PPPoE client
3G mobile phone
Bluetooth ®
WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless2.02
Multiple wireless networks - roaming2.07
View/control client display with VNC2.01
Centralised network settings2.00
Machine-specific network settings2.00
Per-group network settings2.05
Central client control tool2.05
Remotely lock screen with custom message and/or timeout2.07
Customisable screensavers2.00
Runs from
Hard disk2.00
Flash disk2.00
USB memory stick2.06
PXE/TFTP network2.00
Dual-boot with Windows
Install from
USB memory stick2.07
PXE/TFTP network2.00
Upgrade from v12.05
Widescreen monitors2.05
Display resize2.10
USB Scanners
Share USB/parallel printers as JetDirect2.08
USB memory devices (mass storage)2.01
USB Digital cameras (mass storage)2.01
USB Digital cameras (PTP/PictBridge)
USB Webcams for video conferencing2.02
USB Webcams for still capture
Interactive whiteboard support
Direct support for datalogging
ThinIT™ v2 Current version: 2.11 Released: 30/11/15
Legacy version: ThinIT™ v1 Current version: 1.30 Released: 9/11/06 (ICA v7 + RDP 5.1 only)
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