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Windows 10 Upgrade, Who is in Control?
Citrix XenDesktop is leading the way to upgrade 350 million devices.
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Windows 10 in 10 Minutes:

The Problem

Windows 10 boasts a lot of new features making it easier to access information and applications with a new intuitive interface.

The issue is how to best to deploy it

  • How do you upgrade across the whole site quickly and without disruption?
  • How do you test to see if your applications are compatible?
  • How do you ensure staff and students can familiarise themselves with Windows 10?
  • Can your IT Team manage the ICT from anywhere?

The Solution

Switch all your clients (even tablets) to Windows 10 in 10 minutes with Citrix XenDesktop. PCs only need a reboot (and if you decide you aren't ready for Windows 10 yet, switch back to XP, 7 or 8.1 with another reboot).

  • PCs are managed through Citrix Provisioning Services that streams Windows to physical PC workstations.
  • Roll back the operating system in the event that a patch, application, update or upgrade has not worked just by restarting the workstation.
  • Teachers can now reset to a clean workstation just by rebooting, solving 99% of PC issues without technical support.
  • Trial Windows 10 in certain classrooms prior to going live to allow users to experience it.
  • Deploy the operating system from a centralised server.
  • Run different versions and types of operating systems, ideally for offering a programming curriculum.
  • Tablet, Macs and thin-clients just need to open Citrix Receiver to access their desktop.

Customer comments

Liam Griffin, ICT Manager, Woodland Middle School Academy:

I basically came into the school not knowing anything about Citrix or how the clients are managed here. It has been an eye-opener learning provisioning with Precedence, it is so quick and easy. For example, updating all admin machines took minutes and not hours, as it used to.

Starting at a new school is painful as you have to learn how the ICT is connected, how clients are managed, etc. Precedence has been brilliant at getting me up to speed so I became very pro-active much sooner than I expected. My main question was, how did I survive before without provisioning?

10 in 10
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