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Serif - Software with Imagination

Serif applications can provide you with an accessible and inclusive solution to the creative elements of the OCR and DiDA courses and are supported by substantial Teacher Resource Packs. To find out more about the Serif Design Suite contact our Precedence on 08456 446 800.

Serif PagePlus X6

For documents everyone can be proud of

Now your students can create unique documents and learn desktop publishing skills along the way. PagePlus X6 offers the perfect balance between useable templates and high-end features, making it fast and satisfying for every student to produce documents designed to impress.

Perfect For:

  • Magazines

  • Reports

  • Documents

  • Web design

  • Projects

Engage Students with the following:

  • QuickShapes
  • There’s nothing complicated about it. You’ll be amazed how easily students can adopt and adapt a vast range of pre-designed QuickShapes and designs to create impactful documents.

  • Curve words and more
  • Put text on a curve…with PagePlus X6. It’s the perfect way to enhance logos and mix text and graphics in an exciting and eye catching way.

  • Edit photos
  • With PagePlus X6, photos can be incorporated and edited with the ‘simple edit’ feature, without having to open up separate photo editing software.

  • Import and export compatibility
  • PDFs can be imported, edited and exported with PagePlus X6, which is compatible with all types of desktop publishing files. You can even import data from programs such as Excel® and Access®.

Pricing for Serif PagePlus X2

Price per UserEducational Price
PPX6 - Single User Boxed Product£39.95
PPX6 - 10 User Licence Park£25.90£259.00
PPX6 - 20 User Licence Park£24.95£499.00
PPX6 - 30 User Licence Park£19.96£599.00
PPX6 - 50 User Licence Park£15.98£799.00
PPX6 - 100 User Licence Park£14.49£1,449.00
Prices do not include VAT or delivery
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