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Citrix XenServer: Product Editions and Licencing

The features included in XenServer vary by product edition. Even the free version is enterprise-ready. From XenServer 6.5 onwards, many features which were previously in the high-end editions (such as Site Recovery and Distributed Virtual Switching) are now included even in the free version The free version can be upgraded to one of the premium editions just by purchasing a licence and pointing your XenServers at a licence server with this licence on. No reinstallation is required.

Licencing is simply done on a per-socket basis. There is no need to purchase licences to gain central management of all your XenServers.

  • Free Edition - Proven virtualization platform that delivers uncompromised performance, scale, and flexibility at no cost
  • Standard Edition - As free edition, but including software maintenance and support from Citrix.
  • Enterprise Edition - As Standard, but with vGPU and in-memory read caching to accelerate performance even more.
  • XenServer for XenDesktop - Entitlement included in XenDesktop and covers virtualisation of XenDesktop services only (i.e. not print servers, Domain Controllers, etc.)
  • XenServer for XenDesktop Platinum - As above but with all Enterprise features

Comparison of editions

= Optional
= Included
FreeStandardEnterpriseXenDesktopXenDesktop Platinum
64-bit Hypervisor
64-bit control domain
Includes technical support from Citrix
Multi-server management
XenCenter Management Console
Active Directory Integration
Role-based administration
Virtual appliances (vApps)
Memory Optimization
Performance alerting and reporting
VM disk snapshot and revert
Live memory snapshot and revert
XenMotion Live Migration
Live migration with Storage XenMotion
Heterogeneous Pools
Automated hotfix deployment
VMware conversion tools
High Availability
Site Recovery
Open virtual switch (OVS)
Distributed virtual switch controller (DVSC)
Cross-host private networks
Dynamic workload balancing
GPU pass-thru
Graphics processor virtualisation (vGPU)
Host power management
In-memory read caching
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